Theoretical High Energy Physics

THEP would like to warmly welcome the new Postdocs

in our group in Mainz,

Enrico Morgante, Johann Usovitsch and Xing Wang !

And all the best wishes for our former members

who have moved on in 2019!

The research of the THEP group deals with various aspects of the fundamental interactions of nature and of the elementary constituents of matter. It ranges from perturbative quantum field theory for the strong and electroweak interactions of quarks and leptons to effective field theories, theories within non-commutative geometry, nonperturbative quantum gravity and string theory.

Research in phenomenological particle physics centers on collider physics, flavor physics, perturbative quantum field theory at higher orders, and effective field theories for heavy and light quarks. On a more theoretical side, our research covers the mathematical structures of scattering amplitudes, algebraic Yang-Mills-Higgs theories and their quantization, and fixed-point theories of quantum gravity.