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JOGU-StINe: We're off to a digital start for the 2021 summer semester.

The coronavirus pandemic has far-reaching consequences for teaching, studies and examinations in the 2021 summer semester. This means that, until further notice, JGU will start the new semester without on-campus teaching. Instead, the vast majority of courses will be made available online in different digital formats. Your course teachers will inform you by e-mail (to your university e-mail address) on whether and how their courses are made available; we will also provide current information on this matter here on Jogustine.
Therefore, please make sure to check Jogustine and your e-mail account regularly.

At https://lehre.uni-mainz.de/studierendigital you can find a Moodle course for all students on the new JGU Moodle platform https://lms.uni-mainz.de/. The course deals with basic questions on how to study online during the 2021 summer semester. At https://www.studium.uni-mainz.de/corona you will find regularly updated information on many questions concerning studying and student affairs in times of corona. JGU's advisory and support services are of course available to you online.

The Jogustine team hopes your semester starts out well