Summer Term 2020
Apr 20, 2020 - Jul 11, 2020


Remote lectures / online classes

To reach the JOGU-StINe info and help pages: info.jogustine.uni-mainz.de


Mathematische Rechenmethoden 1

Lecture by Christian Bogner
Friday 16.15h


Functional Methods and Exact Renormalization Group

Lecture by Martin Reuter
Tuesday o8.15h & Thursday 11.45


Theoretische Physik 2, Elektrodynamik

Lecture by Pedro Schwaller
Monday o8.15h & Wednesday 13.45h


Introduction to String Theory

Lecture by Timo Weigand
Wednesday o8.15 & Thursday 13.45


Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics

Lecture by Felix Yu
Monday o8.15h & Wednesday 15.45h