Winter Term, 2020/2021
November 2, 2020 to February 13, 2021


Remote lectures / online classes

To reach the JOGU-StINe info and help pages: info.jogustine.uni-mainz.de

Theoretische Physik 5, Höhere Quantenmechanik

Lecture by Pedro Schwaller
Mondays, 10.15-11.45 and Wednesdays, 10.15-11.45


QFT 3: The Standard Model and Electroweak Theory

Lecture by Felix Yu
Wednesdays, 14.15-15.45 and Thursdays, 14.15-15.45


Mathematische Rechenmethoden 2 for Bachelor of Education

Lecture by Christian Bogner
Fridays, 16.15-17.45


Theoretische Physik 2 for Master of Education

Lecture by Martin Reuter
Tuesdays, 8.15-9.45 and Wednesdays, 10.15-11.45