Master Lectures about Theoretical Particle Physics

The basic lecture in the Master Program (Theoretical Physics 6a) is offered every term.

Winter term Summer term
Theoretical Physics 6a:
Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (QFT)
(4 hours lectures + 2 hours exercises per week)
x x

All additional lectures can be chosen as Topical or as Advanced Lecture in the Master Program.

Winter term Summer term
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (QFT II) (3+1) x x
Symmetries in Physics (3+1) x
Cosmology and General Relativity (3+1) x

In addition there is at least one lecture in each term about Modern Methods in Particle Physics (3+1) typically from following list of topics:

  • Amplitudes and Precision Physics at the LHC
  • Effective Field Theories and Flavour Physics
  • Introduction to String Theory
  • Theoretical Astroparticle Physics
  • Functional Methods and Exact Renormalization Group

The Graduate School Lecture is offered each term about a variety of topics. This lecture is also open for master students. Topics of the last lectures have been neutrino physics, cosmology, quantum chromodynamics, Higgs physics,... .