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This page provides course selection guidance for students specifically interested in performing Masters theses in the Theoretical High Energy physics (THEP) group at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Quantum field theory is the modern language of theoretical particle physics, which is taught as a sequence of two semester-long courses: Theoretical Physics 6a and Theoretische Elementarteilchenphysik. Theoretical Physics 6a (QFT 1) is a required course, while Theoretische Elementarteilchenphysik (theoretical elementary particle physics [QFT 2]) is highly recommended for those students wishing to do a Masters thesis in the theory group. Both of these courses are currently offered every semester.

Winter term Summer term
Theoretical Physics 6a:
Relativistic Quantum Field Theory (QFT 1)
(4 hours lectures + 2 hours exercises per week)
x x
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (QFT 2) (3+1) x x


In addition, the topical and advanced course requirements needed to complete the Masters degree can be fulfilled by selecting from the following list of courses, which offer introductory lectures geared toward different research specializations within THEP or aggregate cross-disciplinary knowledge across THEP:

  • Effective Field Theories and Flavour Physics (last given WiSe 2018/19 by Prof. Hurth)
  • Introduction to String Theory (upcoming SoSe 2020 by Prof. Weigand)
  • Theoretical Astroparticle Physics (N.N.)
  • Cosmology and gravitational waves (last given WiSe 2019/20 by Prof. Weinzierl)
  • Cosmology and general relativity (upcoming SoSe 2020 by Prof. Wittig)
  • Functional Methods and Exact Renormalization Group (upcoming SoSe 2020 by Prof. Reuter)
  • The Standard Model and Electroweak Physics (upcoming WiSe 2020/21 by Dr. Yu)

There are also regular offerings in special topics in particle physics (2V). These include the following topics:

  • Finite Temperature QFT and Phase Transitions (last given SoSe 2018 by Prof. Schwaller)
  • Chirality and Gauge Theories (last given WiSe 2018/19 by Dr. Yu)
  • Supersymmetry (last given WiSe 2019/20 by Dr. Yu)

Correspondingly, a course study plan is shown here:


* These courses can be switched for other specializations as desired.

† This course does not officially require QFT 2 as a prerequisite, but is best taken in sequence after having heard QFT 2.

‡ The sequence of QFT 1 and QFT2 can be modified if, for example, QFT 1 is already taken in the Bachelor program.